Why Choose BridgRid®?

We are the feed bridging solution!

Which of the following concerns resonate with you? What would be the value to your operation if you could eliminate them?

BridgRid® is THE feed bridging solution and comes with a money-back guarantee.



A confined animal feeding operation only works best (and as designed) when it is truly a confined automated feeding operation. Maximum productivity depends upon feeding resources, and the lack of it creates STRESS or worse. Your feeding system can and should be as automated as your ventilation. With the BridgRid smart feeding system, you can be assured that the stress on your animals from feeding resources is eliminated.


Feed bridging is typically a result of the contents of the tank, the weather, or some combination of both. Once feed bridging occurs, it tends to happen frequently and consistently until either or both of these factors change. Risk accumulates proportionally with every trip outside. Maintain reliable feed flow to your animals and reduce illness frequency and spread by using BridgRid feeding solutions.


What is the labor cost of your operation? Do you have someone available 24/7? What about the liability issues of beating on, climbing over, and sometimes even entering a feed tank? Are your employees dedicated to this particular job, or must they take time away from something else to address it? The BridgRid smart feeding system is better than a dedicated employee and comes at a cost-effective price and a low operation cost.


Do you consistently choose between the best cost, particle size, ground feed, or pellets because of their ability to flow? What about seasonal considerations and weather in feed formulations? With the BridgRid feed system, you no longer need to worry about feed flow issues. Use the best feed for your livestock or flock regardless of past restrictions due to humidity causing feed bridging in your bins.


What are the true costs of out-of-feed events? Spring and fall tend to be the worst and also the busiest times of the year for contract growers, as many are involved in crop production. The majority of company-owned facilities can’t afford a schedule that allows their caretakers to make it to each site multiple times a day. One of the largest expenditures of any operation is space and time. The BridgRid smart feeding system fills in the gap, so you don’t have to.


Do you find yourself continually beating on expensive feed bins to keep feed flowing? Every dent and ding does nothing to aid flow issues, and purchasing a hopper or cone replacement is expensive (if it is even an option). Drop the hammer and purchase a BridgRid feeding solution that is customized for your operation. We guarantee we can find a solution that will meet your needs.

Remote Bin Slide Operation With RotoSlide™

BridgRid Feeding System

Purchase separately or combine to remotely automate your operation.

Automatic Bin Slide

The most compact automatic bin slide on the market, the RotoSlide™ only takes a few minutes to install and usually doesn’t require an empty bin.

  • Full stainless steel construction
  • High torque slide mechanism
  • Compact size with supported cantilever design
  • Proportional open/close control
  • Runs on 24 VDC

Control RotoSlide™ Remotely

Control up to four bins remotely with one RotoDrive. No need to physically access each bin individually to make feed flow changes.

  • Control RotoSlide™ remotely
  • Set slide opening from 0–100% (10% increments)
  • Enable or disable bins
  • Supports up to 4 bins
  • Inputs for smart controller override

Power Control Panel

Add the RotoVolt to help manage power flow to your RotoSlides™.

  • Supports up to 16 RotoSlides™ at one time
  • 85–264 VAC 50/60Hz input
  • 24VDC 100W output
  • NEMA 4x enclosure

Complete Feeding Solution

Configure a custom smart feeding system for your environment. Our expert sales team will help you find the right solutions for your needs.

  • BridgRid® grain bin vibrator
  • RotoSlide™ automatic slide
  • RotoDrive remote control
  • RotoVolt
  • Professional configuration and installation
  • 100% guaranteed
BridgRid Feeding System

Contact us to learn more about customizing your BridgRid integrated system. Our professional sales and installation teams are ready to help.

BridgRid Team