We have virtually eliminated feed outages due to feed bridging in our bins. In addition to improved health for the pigs, our caretaker morale has greatly improved.

Joe Reitz from J-Six Farms

Excellent product.

Jake Howard from Hog Slat Inc

BridgeRid supplied a unit that was placed into a hopper that was filled with plastic Filler compounds. Air pads, Vibrators and such would not make the product flow. after installing the BridgeRid in the hopper and setting the vibration to 50% and a off on cycle of 5 seconds on and 30 seconds off we no longer had a flow ability issue.

Bob Walker from APEC

The product helps encourage strong biosecurity, by keeping bins flowing & preventing staff from walking in and out of barns to knock on bins.

Dave Jolicoeur from Fast Genetics

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