What makes BridgRid different than other systems?

BridgRid-interior-componentsOur internal grid system is what sets us apart from the competition.

The horizontal bar connects the opposing bin walls and solidifies the cone. This allows vibration to be transmitted evenly, smoothly and consistently from the bottom of the unloader to the very top of the lid.

The vertical bar and the “fingers” throughout provide surface area through the center of the structure. Agitating the contents in the center of the lower portion of the bin is extremely effective. That’s where the pressure is.

BridgRid allows a vibrator to be mounted to a tank, utilizing the existing hardware and without compromising the integrity of its design and structure.

Feed Flow Control & Monitoring

BridgRid-vibration-motor-control-boxBridgRid electronics provide 24/7 automation. Sensors monitor the feed in the tube when the auger is rotating and agitation occurs only as necessary.

Each feedline in front of every tank requires a sensor and communicates with the Vibration Motor Control (VMC) box—1 per bin. The VMC box mounts on the bin leg and coordinates the sensors. It measures the vibration levels on the tank and self-calibrates, thus establishing the parameters of both a full and empty bin and sets a scale accordingly. BridgRid will not operate on an empty tank. An alarm output is also provided.

All BridgRid electronics have been designed and manufactured by ControlTech. Although the programs and software are very complex, the system is extremely simple to operate once properly installed. ANYONE can do it.