Application: 50 Ton Soy Meal & Premix Bin Containing DDGs
(15 foot diameter bins with 45 degree slopes)

We are truly pleased with BridgRid. With the feed ingredients we are dealing with in the ‘high cost corn generation’ I believe that we will eventually have a BridgRid on every by-product bin, old and new. Thanks for the help.

Jacob Robinson
Community Mills
Cassopolis, MI

Application: 4000 Head/Feeder to Finish

I spent many years dreading chores each morning and night because of continual bulk feed outages and pounding on bins. After installing BridgRid, I have not had one feed outage and I am now confident that I won’t have to think about it anymore. We are completely satisfied with the BridgRid system and would recommend it to anyone who is struggling with bulk bin hangups.

Rick Fopma
Richland Pork
Sully, IA

Application: Two 26 Ton Soy Meal Bins Servicing Agronix Mix/Mill

Performs as advertised! We have had no issues since they were installed.

John Erickson
J&J Farms
Brookston, IN

Application: Wean / Feeder to Finish Grow Barns in Multiple Sites

BridgRid is the end of feed flow issues and that is for sure.

Curt Van Wyk
Valley View Port, LTD
Pella, IA

Application: 30 Ton DDGs Bin Servicing (Agrotonix) on Farm Mix/Mill

Love it! I just wished we hadn’t waited so long.

Bill White
White Farms
Jones, MI