Prior to installing the BridgRid systems at all of our swine finishing sites, we constantly fought feed hang-ups in our bins. Feed outages were a very common event at nearly all of our sites.

Caretakers spent a great deal of time beating bin hoppers to try and get feed to flow. That took time away from proper pig care and was a huge morale drain on our team.

That was nearly three years ago. With approximately 400 installations, feed hang-ups are extremely rare at all our sites.

We no longer have rubber mallets strewn around the feed bins and laying in the back of all our pickups. Our bin bottoms are no longer being dented and misshapen. Caretaker morale is much better. A common description I hear often from our caretakers and barn owners is that the BridgRid system is a “lifesaver.”

The system is very automated and easy to operate. There are no moving parts, so virtually no maintenance is required. The few issues we have had were addressed promptly and correctly by Greg Pleima and his team.

We now require that any new site we build or acquire have BridgRids installed as part of the build or remodel.

The BridgRid’s have significantly reduced the amount of time we spend on feed flow issues. Our pigs are happier and grow faster, and our caretakers have the time necessary to focus on the pigs’ health and environment.

Joe Reitz
Iowa Operations Manager
Seneca, KS