Just wanted to drop a note and let you know how happy we are with our BridgRid bin vibrators. We have had them working day and night now for 8 years, and I can honestly say I haven’t had to beat on a bin since they were installed.

As I am away most of the time with an off-farm job, feed flowing is one thing that I thankfully never have to worry about. If only everything else in life worked as promised! I am proud of those shakers on the side of my bins. Everyone that works in the barns for me takes the convenience for granted, and haven’t had to spend hours pounding on the side of a bin to feed hogs. They don’t know what a pain it is to babysit a bin until the feeders are full, and then hope the feed will magically flow for the next feeding. I would have a hard time keeping help without the BridgRid system. I wouldn’t hesitate to install them again.

Randy Nikkel
Sully, IA