Does that thing spin?

No, it does not. Our internal components solidify the bin cone and allow the vibration to transmit smoothly and evenly throughout the structure including our equipment in the middle of the tank.

Won’t it pack the feed?

Absolutely not. We specifically and intensively tested for this.

Will it damage my bin?

BridgRid will not damage a tank if properly installed and used as intended.

How big of a hole do you need to cut in the bin to install it?

Every part of BridgRid will enter the bin through the standard 16″ discharge hole. It requires an empty tank to install.

How long does it take to install?

BridgRid requires about an hour to prep and assemble and another hour to install.

Will it fit my tank?

BridgRid fits 6′ through 15′ diameter tanks with 43° through 67° slopes. It works on steel, welded, bolted, plastic, poly or fiberglass tanks.

Does it work?

Absolutely. We guarantee it.

What’s the guarantee?

BridgRid will perform as advertised. If it does not, we will ascertain why and fix it. If we cannot fix the problem, we will reclaim our equipment and offer a refund.

How much does it cost?

We accommodate a large range of needs and configurations so feel free to contact us for a quote specific to your needs. Basic systems start under $1,250.

What’s the warranty?

2 years from the date of installation on parts. 1 year on service.