How We Got Started

BridgRid is the result of Greg’s desire and determination to eliminate the issue of feed bridging at his facilities, and to utilize that time taking care of the animals and maintaining the sites.

Our Ideal Customer

Recognizes and accepts this issue. Understands the costs, limitations, and liabilities that are the direct results. Determines to eliminate it from their production system with a quality product that really works and that will last.

Our Employees

Greg Pleima
{Grower and BridgRid President}
Pella, Iowa


I have been a contract grower since 2002, and I developed BridgRid after upgrading the alarm system at my site to include an “Out of Feed” alarm. My intent was to end the guessing and to know exactly when I was out of feed. Immediately upon installation of the alarms, I knew I had a serious problem and began developing BridgRid the same week.

I am happy to be able to offer this system to you. BridgRid has eliminated my “Out of Feed” events due to feed bridging, and I know it will do the same for you.

Let us end the stress—on YOU and your animals!

Nicholas Bryars

{VP of Sales & Strategic Planning}

Jordan Pleima

{VP of Service}

Brennan Meija

{VP of Installations}

Sydney Rinehart

{Office Admin}

Abby Dugger